Construction 5 – abstract collage influenced by Russian Suprematist style.


Collage made with prepared papers on mixed media paper, about 250 gsm. A4 framed to A3 with simple black moulding. Acrylic glazing.

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Early in 2022 I made a series of abstract collage, all using prepared papers. Graphically, all the pieces are quite simple, especially in comparison to my monotypes. Even so, I can still see common themes coming through. I seem to have developed a liking for stripes, for example. They turn up in many of the monotypes and in these collages.

My aim was to keep it simple, but I can see similarities with the Suprematists, working in pre-Revolutionary Russia around the time of World War 1.  Artists working in this way included Malevitch (who coined the term), Moholy-Nagy and El Lissitsky.

I make the papers by gel printing, usually with collage in mind. Sometimes I use prints that didn’t quite work,  cutting them up or as a base layer. The base here is A4 Mixed Media paper, about 250 gsm.  I  use acrylic medium as the glue. It bonds well with the acrylic paint on the papers and doesn’t dry or go brittle.

The collage is in an A3 frame with a simple black moulding and a plain white mount. For safety and to reduce weight, the frame has acrylic glazing.



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