Ian Bertram

~ original contemporary abstracts

  • Abstract print in cadmium yellow, red, orange, blue and green
  • A monotype print with blocks of colour in greens, yellow, magenta and orange
  • Sargasso - abstract monotype print
  • abstract print inspired by Hubble images
  • mnotype print inspired by images from the Hubble Telescope
  • Monotype print inspired by Hubble telescope images
  • imaginary landscape abstract monotype print
  • Shalimar - monotype in blues and greys
  • digital abstract print in pastel colours
  • digital abstract print in strong earth tones
  • Monotype print, acryic on paper, in yellows, greens and blues.
  • Carnival
  • Diving for rubies - under the sea -monotype print with underwater feel
  • monotype abstract print
  • abstract monotype print blue, red and orange inspired by science fiction
  • Pictographs - monotype print inspire by Native America pictographs
  • Multi-layered Gel print

After taking photographs for some 40 years, Ian began making original prints in about 2010. He favours monotype, drypoint and collagraph, but also makes collage and mixed media. He is experimenting with ways to incorporate his extensive archive of photographs, dating back to the mid-60s. His work is sometimes inspired by landscape, but more often takes the form of full-blown contemporary abstract.

Ian also a published author. You can find more here: ian-bertram.me