This website is designed to let you buy original art direct from the artist who created it. That’s me, Ian Bertram. I’m an artist, photographer and writer. There is a wide range of my work available in the shop including original prints, photography, collage and mixed media.

Buying online is increasingly important these days and art is no exception. After all artists are also businesses. If you buy direct from the artist you are also supporting a small business. If buying art online concerns you, remember – everything you buy here comes with a no-quibble return guarantee. Check out my Sales and Returns page for more details.

Just click on the menu at the top to go straight to my shop where you can buy a range of original art direct from the artist.

The site also includes a blog. This will include announcements of new work, but also my thoughts on art in general, reviews of shows (when they reopen!) and from time to time discussions of the business of selling art.

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