Construction 4 – abstract collage using prepared papers


Collage made with prepared papers on mixed media paper, about 250 gsm. A4 framed to A3 with simple black moulding. Acrylic glazing.


Construction 4 is one of a series of similar abstract collage,  made using prepared papers in early 2022. I like to work in series, as this offers the best chance to explore ideas of colour and composition.

Graphically, all the pieces are quite simple, especially in comparison to my monotypes. Even so, I can still see common themes coming through. I seem to have developed a liking for stripes, for example. They turn up in many of the monotypes and in these collages.

I make the papers by gel printing, usually with collage in mind. Sometimes I use prints that didn’t quite work,  cutting them up or as a base layer. The base here is A4 Mixed Media paper, about 250 gsm.  I  use acrylic medium as the glue. It bonds well with the acrylic paint on the papers and doesn’t dry or go brittle.

The collage is in an A3 frame with a simple black moulding and a plain white mount. For safety and to reduce weight, the frame has acrylic glazing.



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