Sunset at Sea – open edition digital print


An open edition digital print showing a sailing ship on a calm sea at sunset.


Sunset at sea  is a digital print. It began life as a photograph of a sailing ship, but has been digitally overpainted and other changes made using a variety of software tools.

It is available as an open edition in two sizes:

* about 11” x 8” – unmounted or mounted. The mount will fit a standard 16″ x12″ frame (approx 40 cm x 30 cm)

* about 16” x 10” – unmounted

Each print is signed on the image and on the reverse.

The print will be made on a matt finish art paper about 300gsm. The quoted dimensions are approximate and refer to the size of the image not the paper sheet on which it is printed. All prints have a minimum border of 0.5 inches to allow for framing.

If you would like your mount in another size please contact me for price and delivery time, before ordering.

You are buying the physical print only. I retain all other rights of reproduction. In particular, I reserve the right to use the image in other forms such as note cards and apparel. Any frame shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not included in the price.

It will be shipped flat in reinforced packaging.

To order Sunset at Sea as a notecard please see the separate listing or get in touch if you cannot find it.

About Digital Prints

I use the term Digital Print to mean an image made in the computer but always intended to be printed. I do not sell reproductions of work originally made in another medium. The digital prints I sell range from photographs with some degree of digital manipulation to images created entirely from scratch using tools like graphics tablets and a wide range of software.

In general, they are sold as Open Editions. A few prints are offered here as Limited Editions, but that is because I have sold them in the past that way, and it would not be ethical to change their status. Open Edition means there is no limit on the number or size of copies sold. Prices are slightly lower to reflect the difference.

I made the change because there is no practical art related reason to limit the edition. Drypoint plates will wear out, collagraph plates will break up or distort, but every print from a computer file is always exactly the same (setting aside variations caused by changing the printer used.)

All the prints you can buy here are printed to order by me using a Canon Pro9500 Mark II printer. I only use Canon pigment inks. I use a limited selection of papers generally from Fotospeed or Olmec. Using the same printer, ink and paper combination ensures consistent quality.

Additional information


11 x 8, 16 x 12

Mounted or Unmounted

Unmounted, Mounted


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