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Is Generative AI just a party trick after all?

Magician show clipart, vintage illustration

My last four posts on generative AI may have been late to the party, it seems. This story, from Vox, suggests that the public are not taking to AI with quite the enthusiasm of a few months ago.

Their conclusion?

Generative AI can do some amazing things. There’s a reason why Silicon Valley is excited about it and so many people have tried it out. What remains to be seen is whether it can be more than a party trick, which, given its still-prevalent flaws, is probably all it should be for now.

I’m not sure. My experience has been mixed. With care, I think text based generative AI could be a useful tool. My experiences with art AI were less positive. I totally failed to get anything which matched more than the simplest of briefs. I don’t think that will change very soon, certainly for the average user. For now, I think it is indeed a party trick. My grandson, at least, appreciated the pictures I made for him.

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