Vintage Illustrations

If you have landed on this page you have probably followed a link to my old site. I used to have an online business on Etsy (called Panchromatica Designs) selling reproductions of vintage illustrations. At its peak, I had about 600 items in the shop and many more unlisted. These included maps, theatre posters, Japanese prints, photographs, ocean liner postcards, propaganda posters, comic books, architectural illustrations, fashion plater and a huge variety of other materials. The listed items were only a fraction of what I had available.

I closed the business to concentrate on my own work, but still have all the files. I’m not going to reopen, but I do intend to sell a selection of images here, but as part of a wider strategy focussing on B2B. Images I sold through Etsy were used in locations as varied as pubs, escape rooms and even tattoo parlours, but the range I have is equally suitable for B&Bs, guest houses, reception areas or any public facing area.

Items listed will be for sale at retail prices. The aim however will be to give a taste of what I have available. When I can, I will prepare a catalogue. If you have a theme in mind, I can almost certainly meet your requirements. If I don’t have it, I will find it. Until the catalogue is ready, just get n touch with your ideas.