Beginnings – limited edition dry point print


Limited Edition drypoint print inspired by astronomical images.



Beginnings is an astronomy themed drypoint print. It comes in a tiny edition of 2 in red-brown plus one Artist Proof (AP) in black. All copies are printed on Somerset 250gsm printing paper. Both the edition and the AP are signed and where appropriate numbered, by the artist.

The inspiration for the image comes from Hubble Telescope images showing stars and clouds of dust in space. I love these images and regularly feature them in my Twitter feed. They have inspired several drypoints like this one plus many other images.

This image is 120 mm x 120 mm (5″ x 5″) square. It is an aperture mount sized to fit a 10″ x 10″ frame (about 250 mm x 250 mm), with a backing piece and all packed in a cello bag. All materials used are pH neutral and archival quality.

The mount and frame shown are software generated. The price you pay is for the print and mount only.

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Red-Brown, Black


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