Photography and Digital Media

This selection of photography and digital media comes from over 50 years of work.

I took my first photographs while at University in Birmingham where I was studying Planning. I used the photographs I took for my course work.  Since then, I have carried on clicking and now have a huge archive of photographic images.

In about 2005 I began scanning the colour slides.  Many had faded badly, some had flaking emulsion or even mould. I needed to do a lot of work to preserve them.  After a while, I realised I could use the same software to create original images using my archive as source material.

This section of the shop has examples of both my photography and the digital images made since 2005.

They are generally in open editions. The exceptions are usually where the image was entered into a show requiring some form of limited edition. Edition sizes are usually 50 or less.

All the digital images here were made in the computer with the intent of producing output on paper. They are not reproductions of work originally in another medium. There are a few which began life as paintings, but which have been further edited after taking into the computer.

For all photography and digital media, the nature of the specific image, the size of the edition available and all other relevant information is contained in the detailed description attached to each image.

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Showing all 4 results