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I’m primarily an artist printmaker. although I also take photographs, paint a little and make mixed media pieces. This site contains only my own original work. I don’t sell reproductions. You can find my work on other online venues, currently Folksy and Art under £100. I have an Etsy shop [currently closed] where I sell reproductions of various vintage maps, posters and of Japanese woodblock prints. I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Photograph of ship building on River Tyne
Everett F Wells waiting for launch


I have no formal training in art, coming to printmaking via a circuitous route. At University studying planning I took up photography, mainly for course work. That’s also when I did my first sketching. I soon became interested in photography for its own sake. I haven’t stopped clicking the shutter since. This was of course well before digital cameras so I used traditional film and learned to develop and print my own photos. For a time I was a member of the former Spectro Arts Workshop in Newcastle on Tyne where I took several photographic courses. Digital technology freed me from the darkroom and I started editing my photos digitally. After restoring some old faded slides I moved on from photography to the wider idea of digital media. I used a range of software and a graphics tablet to get the images I wanted.

digital print of sailing ship entering harbour
Into harbour – open edition digital print

I found out about traditional printmaking by chance and started attending a print workshop at my local college (COVID permitting). There I discovered a range of print techniques. I now make collagraph, monotype and drypoint prints. I’ve just invested in a UV Exposure unit for photopolymer etching and cyanotype and I’m looking forward to playing further with that. During lockdown I started experimenting with gel printing. You can find some of that work in the shop. I also make mixed media and collage some of which is also in the shop. Gel printing in particular has given me the chance to explore composition and colour which will I hope feed back into my wider work as an artist printmaker.

gel print
Gel print – 7″ x 5″ (18cm x 15cm)

Some of us attending the workshop now exhibit and promote our work as a group. We don’t have a web page yet, but you can find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/WPrintCreatives and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/WiltshirePrintCreatives


As well as the artwork you can see here I also write. There is of course a blog on this site, but that is largely about art and site related matters. I have another blog with a much wider range of topics including politics, philosophy, environment, planning and housing. Follow the link below to read it.


I’m also currently working on my first novel, which I hope will be completed in the new year. I don’t have a publication date yet but when I do I’ll put it in the blog.

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